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Research Units

I. Department "Theoretical Economics"

  • Center for Methodological, Historical and Economic Studies

Subcenter "History of Economic Thought"
Subcenter "Philosophy and Methodology of Economics"
Subcenter "Political Economics"

  • Center for Social Economic Theory

II. Department "Economic Policy"

  • Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecasting
  • Center for International Macroeconomics and International Economic Relations
  • Center for Employment Policy and Social and Labor Relations

Subcenter "Theoretical and Applied Problems of Reproduction"
Subcenter "Institutional and Evolutionary Economics"

III. Department "Institutions of Modern Economics and Innovative Development"

  • Center for Innovation Economics and Industrial Policy

Subcenter "Institutions of Innovation Economics"
Subcenter "Energy Policy"
Subcenter "Competition Policy"

  • Center for Institutions of Socio Economic Development
  • Center for Public Administration Research

Subcenter "Institutions of Contractual Relations"
Subcenter "Institutions and Mechanisms of Public Administration"
Subcenter "Economic Security"

  • Center for Federalism and Regional Development

Subcenter "Economic Problems of Federalism and Regional Policy"
Subcenter "Regional Economics and Local Government"

IV. Department "International Economic and Political Studies"

Subcenter "Post-Soviet Countries and Eurasian Integration"
Subcenter "Bilateral Relations Between Russia and its Neighbouring Countries"
Subcenter "Political Studies"


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