Main Research fields

Research Fields

The aim of scientific activities of the Institute of Economics, RAS is fundamental, exploratory and applied research in order to obtain and accumulate new knowledge in economics and, therefore, to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

Principal scientific activities of IE RAS are:

  • studies on the problems in the general economic theory and methodology, including the classical political economy and the theory of capital reproduction, the institutional theory, the economic sociodynamics, the theory of merit goods; the economic history and the history of schools of economic thought;
  • studies on major developments in Russia's economy; analysis of the economic policy, regional development policy; preparation of strategies and models for sustainable economic growth; identification of factors affecting economic security;
  • analysis of the social policy and interdisciplinary studies on Russia's economy, including development of the economic theory for cultural, scientific and educational activities;
  • institutional analysis of the government regulation and creation of the effective institutional environment;
  • comprehensive analysis of socio-economic development and systemic transformation in Russia's neighbouring countries, external factors for development of national economy, and its integration into global and regional processes. 


Bulletin of the IE RAS

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The Journal of the New Economic Association

Society and Economy

SE 2020 7

Voprosy Teoreticheskoy Ekonomiki

World of Transformations


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